Refuse (“Trash”) and Air Pollution

A selective bibliography of materials for children from the Seattle Public Library

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Air Alert : rescuing the earth's atmosphere / by Christina G Miller;  Louise A Berry. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, ©1996. ISBN: 0689317921 OCLC: 32697788 Gr. 7-9. Concise account of problems of air pollution, smog and acid rain, the greenhouse effect, the ozone hole, and technological fixes. Note the photo on p.19 of pollution from charcoal lighting fluid. Find in a Library


Air Pollution : our impact on the planet / by Matthew Chapman;  Rob Bowden.  Austin, TX : Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, ©2002. ISBN: 0739848747 OCLC: 47643847 Gr. 7-12. Focuses on air pollution at international, national and local levels of monitoring and regulation. Note photo on p. 30 of a mass barbeque as a way of reducing individual pollution. Find in a Library


Earth Smart : how to take care of the environment / by Leslie Garrett. New York : DK Pub., 2006. ISBN: 0756619122 0756619130 OCLC: 62330684 Gr. 2-3. Written for beginning readers, this book features high quality color photographs. It clearly connects pollution with global warming. Find in a Library


Hazy Skies : weather and the environment / by Jonathan D Kahl. Minneapolis, Minn. : Lerner Publications Co., ©1998. ISBN: 0822525305 OCLC: 35397846 Gr. 7-9. Written by a meteorologist, this book describes fire as the first human polluting activity, which overwhelmed the earth’s natural cleansing processes and created health hazards. It shows how weather patterns can either concentrate or spread pollution. Find in a Library


Keeping the Air Clean / by Rosa Costa-Pau. New York : Chelsea House Publishers, ©1994. ISBN: 0791021033 OCLC: 28587596 Gr. 5-7. Using colorful paintings, this book takes a graphic approach to the pollutant cycle, the greenhouse effect, destruction of the ozone layer, and noise pollution.  Find in a Library


The Nature and Science of Waste / by Jane Burton;  Kim Taylor. Milwaukee, Wis. : Gareth Stevens Pub., 1999. ISBN: 0836821866 OCLC: 39655512 Gr. 4-6. This book contrasts human-generated pollution with naturally-occurring waste recycling. Its strong anti-pollution message demonstrates that animals only rarely waste, when there is a temporary surplus of food. Find in a Library


Our Endangered Planet / by Lisa Yount;  Mary M Rodgers. Minneapolis : Lerner Publications, ©1995. ISBN: 0822525100 OCLC: 32012896 Gr. 5-8. Clear illustrations portray the layers of the atmosphere, how life uses air, and early people cooking (p.23). They also document smoke as pollution, the health effects of pollution, and efforts to remediate them. Find in a Library


Waste / by Rob Bowden. San Diego : Kidhaven Press, 2004. ISBN: 0737719028

OCLC: 52295187 Gr 5-7. This book covers a variety of waste technologies, including recycling , source reduction, organic farming, local food sourcing, and changes in taxation. Note photo of waste burning on p.7. Find in a Library


Where Does the Garbage Go? / by Paul Showers;  Randy Chewning. New York, NY : HarperCollins Publishers, ©1994. ISBN: 0060210575 : 0060210540 OCLC: 25093446 Gr. 1-3. Clear color illustrations portray landfills, a recycling plant, and source reduction.  Find in a Library