Welcome to ecolibrarian's page of Quaker Social Concerns

This page will link to various projects of Friends Meetings and Churches in the Seattle area.

  • University Friends Meeting
  • Eastside Friends Meeting
  • Salmon Bay Friends Meeting
  • North Seattle Friends Church
  • Agate Passage Friends Meeting

    Generally, Friends uphold these values:

    Unity: We will look for common ground, hear both sides, ask each side to repeat the other side’s position, check for accuracy, clarify, and then seek agreement. Following the Courageous Conversations model, we will:

  • A) Encourage people to argue with positions, not personalities.
  • B) Develop trust within the group to be able to have conflicts while feeling safe from personal attacks.
  • C) Encourage people to have faith in each other so that when the group makes a decision, even if you disagree, you will stick with the group. We will not let ourselves be divided by disruptors.

  • Simplicity: We honor our values more than we do individual or material success.
  • Peace: We will act as though everyone we encounter is our sister or brother.

    Integrity: We will state our values clearly and uphold them at all times throughout our lives. We will honor all agreements we have made as obligations of the heart.

    Community: We will collaborate with anyone who shares our purposes. We will build trusting and collaborative relationships in all of our actions.

    Equity: We uphold social justice in results as well as in opportunities, and recognize that individual needs may vary.

    Stewardship/Sustainability: Protecting the earth will be our first priority.

    Specific documents:

  • Shared Quaker Statement on Climate Concerns